23 apr 2021

How to join the EWC Campaign #behindeverybook on 23 April, World Book Day 2021 

Brussels, 18 March 2021

Dear Writer, Dear Translator, Dear Illustrator:

Behind every book is a writer, a translator, a life.

To celebrate these sources of the book value chain, the sources of fantasy, of knowledge, of cultural exchange, of democracy, free words and empathy, of understanding and dreaming, we invite all the members of the EWC member organisations, and every writer and translator, to join again the EWC campaign:

on World Book Day, 23 April 2021

In 2020, all over the world, writers, translators and illustrators started a movement together with the EWC campaign #behindeverybook:

  • over 2000 Facebook pics & posts from Las Vegas to Reykjavik, Madrid to Moscow …
  • 1300 Instagram-posts in 24 hours
  • #behindeverybook reached 65200 impressions on Twitter and was trending.

In the photos, several writers and translators were accompanied by a hat, a cat, a dog, but we also found unicorns, pinguins, foxes … and often the #behindeverybook is … was completed with “an author, a writer, a life / a universe”, but also: “a dreamer, a beating heart, a masochist, a team, a translator, long and moaning hours of works with trillion post-its”.

Read more about the 2020-impact of #behindeverybook

#behindeverybook is the Author: Let’s create again a worldwide solidarity movement for and with writers and translators in 2021. Join the celebration and read how to:


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